Reviews of “Queen of the Gypsies”

Selected Press Quotes and Comments

“A powerful film, a stunning success”
-Christine Temin, The Boston Globe

“Terrific and politically astute”
-Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice

You have created a wonder. I think it will be one of the most valuable flamenco documents of all time.”
-Paco Sevilla, author, Queen of the Gypsies

“Yours is a masterpiece. Of course I think it has great commercial potential here in Spain. In fact, I think the Spanish ministry of culture should buy it, or at least promote it. It must be seen in Spain”.
-Quico Rovira Beleta, owner of the Film, Los Tarantos, whose father directed it.

“Now that Frida Kahlo has been totally Disneyfied, there is room for a movie about a tough, visionary female artist whose life and work can bear the weight of iconic status. Flamenco legend, Carmen Amaya, born to a poor family of Gypsy musicians, fits the bill handily. With an academic thoroughness and a besotted fan’s fervor, documentarian Jocelyn Ajami, adroitly captures the life and legacy of the late revolutionary dancer whose innovations re-defined Flamenco.”
-Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

“A rare assemblage of film clips that will astonish the newcomer and delight the fan: Carmen Amaya’s prowess and speed give the impression that the film itself has been speeded up, that it isn’t possible for someone to dance that fast and with such precision. Rousing and inspiring, Queen of the Gypsies is a major archival contribution to the history of Flamenco dancing”
-Eddie Cockrell, Reviewer 2004 DC Filmfest


Selected Comments from the audience

“Thank you for making this wonderful film about Carmen Amaya’s life. It’s beautifully done. I have watched it three times”.
-Shireen Malik

“Fantastic, a few minutes into the film it became a ‘must have’ for me. I will be showing it to friends every chance I get! It is in my top five documentaries, easily. ”
-David Warren

“Oh! my! What a magnificent film. I was spellbound…”
-Anne Atheling

“What a vibrant film! What a vivid and gripping portrait of Carmen Amaya. No wonder Queen of the Gypsies has garnered such excited attention.”
-Leonard Barkman

“Un documentaire fabuleux”
-Jennifer Watkins, Montreal

“I just wanted to say what a fabulous documentary Queen of the Gypsies is. I found the dancing incredibly moving and the interviews very entertaining. It is fabulous to have discovered her as I knew nothing of Carmen Amaya prior to seeing the film.”
-Belinda Ellis, New Zealand